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Ss BrewTech 50 Gallon Brew Kettle
Ss BrewTech 50 Gallon Brew Kettle

Ss Brewtech Brew Kettle - 50 Gallon

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The second part of brewing beer is boiling the wort. In a brew kettle, the wort is subjected to a high temperature to encourage the necessary technical and chemical reactions. This is also done to sterilize the wort and release the aromatic compounds and flavours of the hops.

Homebrewers need to use a large brew kettle for this particular process. The SS Brewtech brew kettle is made from food-grade heavy-duty 18 gauge 304 stainless steel. It also has a reinforced tri-clad bottom that is thicker than the rest of the kettle. This prevents the wort from caramelizing and scorching at the bottom.

This particular brew kettle can hold 50 gallons (189.3L, 200 Quart) of wort for large batch brewing. It has a dimension of 28 inches for its height and 23 1/2 inches for its width. One striking feature of this brew kettle is its silicone riveted handles so that it can be easily and safely handled even if the wort has been boiling for a few hours. The lid can also rest on the side handles for convenience, especially if the workspace is limited.

This brew kettle also features high-quality fittings and valves for convenience as they can be removed for cleanup. This brew kettle is best for homebrewers who want to make large batches of beer.

Looking to add a thermometer? We recommend the Ss Brewtech Threaded Bulkhead Thermometer.

We recommend you purchase this product by itself. Shipping items inside the pot increases the chances of damage during shipping. We will, of course, ship items inside a pot if you want. But we can not assume liability for damage if you choose to do so.

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