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Ss BrewTech Weldless Thermowell - 4"
Ss BrewTech Weldless Thermowell - 4"

Ss Brewtech Stainless Steel Weldless Thermowell - 4"

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A thermowell is a tubular fitting that is used to protect temperature sensors like the thermometer or thermocouple. It is a tube that has a closed at one end and open on the other. The thermometer is inserted in the open end of the tube for thermal insulation.

This particular thermowell is made from a solid bar stock that has been drilled to create the straight bore. It is mounted to the process stream by means of sanitary caps, threads and welding process. So how does this provide accurate temperature reading? The boiling wort transfers heat efficiently to the thermowell wall which is then picked up by the thermometer or sensor. It is a tool that one can use to protect the brew thermometer.

The SS BrewTech weldless thermowell is made from solid stainless steel construction to protect the thermometer or heat sensor from getting damaged. It features a weldless design that can easily be retrofitted into a brew bucket for convenience. It can also be installed by drilling a 17mm hole on the kettle.

This particular thermowell is 5 1/4 inches in total length and it extends 4" into the vessel. It has a tube opening diameter of 6.5mm thus it cannot accommodate thick thermometers. What it is compatible with is a small heat sensor such as the Ss BrewTech LCD temp display for digital reading of temperature. The thermowell is a tool that can help not only protect your thermometer or heat sensor but it also allows home brewers to get accurate reading.
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