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PTFE Tape - 1/2" Wide (White)
PTFE Tape - 1/2" Wide (White)

PTFE Tape - 1/2" Wide (White)

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Also called a thread seal tape or PTFE tape, it is wound around pipe threads to lubricate and allow deeper thread seating of the threads. It is used in commercial applications such as the installation of plumbing fixtures and heating systems. This helps keep the threads from seizing up especially when being unscrewed. It is also used as a filler to seal a joint or to tighten the seal better.

There are many uses for the PTFE tape and aside from being widely used in plumbing, it can also be used in installing different fittings in a home brew kettle. It is used to wrap around the stainless steel connection to provide a tight seal as well as prevent the wort from leaking out of the kettle. The roll dimension of this particular PTFE tape is 1/2" wide and 480" long, thus it can be used to wrap around a lot of pipe fittings on the brew kettle.

It is a very versatile material in installing couplers and fittings for home brew kettles. To use it on brewery fittings, simply clean the area where the tape will be applied on. Gently wind the tape clockwise, around five or six complete rotations. The tape should tightly wound around the parts. This is necessary so that the PTFE can provide friction in order to align different accessories like ball valves and thermometers effectively.

This particular material can be used for all types of threaded connections on kegs, pots, and other stainless steel brewery equipment. It is a simple tape that has many versatile uses.

  • Provides a tight seal and prevents leaking on any types of fittings
  • Provides friction to ball valves and thermometers for a leak-free fitting
  • White Tape


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