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OBK Thermometer and Ball Valve Combo Kit
OBK Thermometer and Ball Valve Combo Kit

Stainless Steel Thermometer & Ball Valve Kit

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Ball valves and thermometers are two of the most important accessories that can be installed in brew kettles. Ball valves or spigots are used to drain the wort from the brew kettle, while the thermometer is used to get an accurate temperature reading.

This stainless steel thermometer and ball valve combo is considered as the ultimate monitoring and adjustment tool that home brewers can install on their brew kettles. This combo is great especially if there are only limited ports on the kettle that can be used to install different kinds of accessories. It also creates a clean and streamlined look as the two devices can be installed in a single spot on the brew kettle.

This particular combo kit comes with a mini ball valve that features 1/2" stainless steel barb, which is perfect for installing or attaching a silicone hose to it for easier flow control of the liquid. The kit also comes with a thermometer with a probe, measuring 6 inches in length. The thermometer has a 3" face dial and can provide readings in both Celsius (-10 to 100) and Fahrenheit (0 to 220) for better accuracy and real-time reading.

  • Stainless steel construction
  • This kit comes with a thermometer and a ball valve kit
  • Compatible with the cooler mash tun or brew kettle
  • Comes with two pieces 1/2" full port ball valve and 1/2" stainless steel barb
  • Silicone hose can be attached to the ball valve
  • Thermometer probe measures 6" Length and has a 3" face dial for an accurate temperature reading


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