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Mash King Stainless Steel Thermometer
Mash King Stainless Steel Thermometer

Mash King Thermometer - 1/2" Male NPT (6" Stem)

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Brewing consistent beer largely depends on the accuracy of the wort temperature during the brewing process. Monitoring the temperature of the wort can easily be achieved by using a thermometer. Under high temperature, the wort can boil off too much which will eventually lead to the strong aroma and bitterness of the final brew. However, home brewers need to use the right brewing thermometer to monitor the temperature of the hot wort inside the kettle.

The Mash King thermometer is made from stainless steel which is resistant against rust and corrosion. This thermometer features a large three-inch face made from tempered glass thus it does not easily break even under high heat.

The thermometer is compatible with different brands and types of brew kettles and pots. It has a length of 6 5/8" with 6" of it is made up of the probe. It can be screwed directly into a 1/2" pipe thread opening. But if openings are not found in the kettle, drilling a 1/2" hole is necessary. This thermometer provides readings in both Celsius (0 to 100 C) and Fahrenheit (-10 to 220 F) for convenience.

To install this thermometer, make sure that it is placed in an area that is away from the direct heat from the burner as it can lead to a superfluous reading. It is important for the thermometer to get the average temperature reading of the wort.

  • Made out of 304 Stainless Steel
  • 3" Dial Face
  • Works great with any brew pots and kettles
  • Temperature reading available for both Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • -10° to 100°C Range
  • 0° to 220°F Range
  • 1/2" Male NPT Connection

  • 6" Probe
  • 7" Total Length
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