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Weldless Thermowell Kit - 1/2" Female NPT (6" Probe)
Weldless Thermowell Kit - 1/2" Female NPT (6" Probe)

Stainless Steel Weldless Thermowell - 1/2" Female NPT (6")

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Thermowells are installed onto brewing pots and kettles to allow a thermometer probe or even a temperature controller sensor to be inserted through its hollow tube. It is also used to keep the temperature sensors away from the liquid that it [thermowell] is immersed in. It protects the device from being exposed to the elements such as the flow-induced forces, pressure, and chemical effects of the boiling wort. The process fluid then transfers the heat to its walls which is then picked up by the sensor.

This tubular fitting is made from a solid bar stainless steel stock, making it non-corrosive and less reactant than other fittings. It is gun drilled to ensure a long, straight, and uninterrupted bore. It is mounted to the process stream by means of threading, welding, or flanging. This weldless thermowell kit can be added to any pot or kettle into an existing bulkhead or by drilling a 7/8" hole into the brew kettle. It comes with a 1/2" female pipe fitting for a more compact look as well as easy installation. The end that protrudes into the pot uses a 1/2" male NPT connection.

The female fitting can be sealed by either using a Teflon tape or an O-ring gasket. Teflon is usually preferred if the kettle and thermowell is subjected to low heat and pressure; but an O-ring works better and lasts longer than Teflon.

While this weldless thermowell kit is compatible with ordinary brewing thermometers, it can also work well with other temperature control sensors such as those from the Ranco and Johnson brands.

This item does work with Ranco or Johnson Digital Controls.