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Single Tap Kegerator Kit for Commercial Sanke Kegs
Single Tap Kegerator Kit for Commercial Sanke Kegs

Single Tap Kegerator Kit (Sanke D Coupler)

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American 'D" coupler is the coupler you want for kegs from the beer store. This coupler comes with a 5/16th hose barb for your gas line.

Premium Taprite T742HP-02 regulator. Approved for use by all major breweries. It has a new adjustment system that allows pressure to be easily adjusted by hand (no tools required!). Shutoff Valve is ball type check valve that prevents product back-up into regulator. Solid brass body with extra long nipple. Regulator has "Shut down" safety system (blow off at 55 to 60 PSI.)

Permanent Quad-Ring Seal on inlet nipple helps eliminate a source of leaks... no need to use a new fiber washer each time tank is changed.

Heavy duty UL rated dual gauges. LH threaded ports with CGA 320 shank and nut.

Optional CO2 Tank. Manufactured recently these will not need to be retested for five years. Every Co2 cylinder is produced from high strength aluminum alloy 6061-T6. These tanks are popular because they are not as heavy as steel tanks and do not rust. The service pressure is up to 1800 PSI/124 BAR with a test pressure of 3000 PSI/207 BAR. These cylinders are stamped with required U.S. Department of Transportation and Transport Canada Markings. The 320 Valves are CGA approved, and have a male thread for Co2 Regulators.

Everything but the beer and fridge. This kit is designed to have all the parts you need to put a faucet through a fridge door or small wall and dispense the common domestic beers found in North America.

  • Taprite Dual Gauge Regulator
  • Sanke "D" Coupler
  • 6' of Bevlex 200 Beer Line
  • 4' of Ultraflex Gas Tubing
  • Stainless Steel Beer Faucet x 1
  • Standard Black Tap Handle x 1
  • 4 1/8" Stainless Steel Beer Shank
  • Stainless Steel Tail Piece Assembly
  • Stainless Steel Hose Clamps

*New (Empty) Luxfer Aluminum CO2 Tank is Optional
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