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OBK Pumpkin Pie Porter
OBK Pumpkin Pie Porter

Pumpkin Pie Porter (5.25 US Gal)

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OBK Pumpkin Pie Porter -- This dessert porter is a mix of pumpkin pie and chocolate cake in your glass! Specialty malts provide a milk chocolatey profile which is combined with pumpkin spices (included) to make this a delicious, comforting, cold weather ale. An addition of lactose (milk sugar) creates a silky smooth, thick and luxurious mouthfeel and body. The right amount of hops balances the beer out for a bittersweet finish. Great for the holidays, sitting by the fire and a perfect pairing for festive meals!

All Recipe Kits Include Crushed Grains, Hops, and Yeast
Est. ABV: 6.9% | Recipe & Instructions
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