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Toasted Rye Flakes
Toasted Rye Flakes

Toasted Rye Flakes - Rahr/OiO (1 lb)

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If you want to dry out your IPA or add an interesting twist to an Irish Dry Stout, Toasted Rye Flakes by OiO can prove to be a great addition to your recipe. Heat rolled and gelatinized, these rye flakes are ready for Mash Tun addition without requiring any milling or crushing. While lending a better head retention to the beer, Toasted Rye Flakes are generally used to add certain dryness and crispness to the taste, while also lending the distinct rye flavour when used in larger amounts. It is generally recommended to keep the rate below 10%, though amounts as high as 20% can be employed for obtaining a pronounced rye character in a beer.

Use up to 5-10% of flaked rye to your brew to lend a dry, crisp character and strong rye flavour.

  • EBC: 3.7
  • Lovibond: 2.0°
  • Use below 10% to avoid pronounced rye flavours in your beer
  • Max 20% in batch
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