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Toasted Rice Flakes - OiO (1 lb)
Toasted Rice Flakes - OiO (1 lb)

Toasted Rice Flakes - Rahr/OiO (1 lb)

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Despite the somewhat negative attitude towards this ingredient from craft beer enthusiasts, it can prove to be a very interesting grain to work with. Its light colour and crisp flavour can be used for brewing very light summer beers, as well as authentic American and Japanese lagers. It gives room for experimentation and contributes to better starch conversion during the mash. Can be used for up to 40% of the grist.

Toasted Rice Flakes are the most popular adjunct used in the brewing industry. In fact, rice flakes can serve as a substitute to barley, with some commercial bills using up to 90% of rice in their grain bills.

  • EBC: 0.4
  • Lovibond: 0.7°
  • Max 40% in batch
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