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CBW Amber Dry Malt Extract
CBW Amber Dry Malt Extract

Briess Dry Malt Extract (DME) - CBW Amber (1 lb)

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Amber (DME) Dry Malt Extract. Pure extract great for pale ales, amber ales, reds, darker beers such as stouts and porter and any pale German ale or lager; Munich beers, Bocks, Oktoberfest.

  • It is made from 100% pure malt extract
  • The perfect ingredient to brewing amber beers of all types
  • Great ingredient to brewing Pale ales, Amber ales, Reds, Stouts, Porters, any pale German ale or lager, Munich beers, Bocks, and Oktoberfest
  • Can be combined with other specialty grains to create different styles of beer
  • Amber Dry Malt Extract can also be used to make specialty malts or use as a standalone
  • Amber Dry Malt Extract is a perfect ingredient for beer production when you want to adjust the gravity of amber, flavour, and colour of the beer
  • This is also great for improving the mouthfeel, body, and head of your brew
  • Good for making yeast starters
  • Can extend the brew size by adding malt solids to the wort
  • Increase your beer productivity
  • Longer shelf life than liquid malt extract
  • Easier to weigh and scoop out compared to liquid malt extract

  • Solids: 97%
  • Colour (EBC): 10 - 12°
  • 100% Amber Malt
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