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CBW Wheat Dry Malt Extract
CBW Wheat Dry Malt Extract

Briess Dry Malt Extract (DME) - CBW Wheat (1 lb)

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Wheat DME is a light coloured pure dry malt extract. Great for extract wheat beers and to adjust the flavour of wheat and other styles of all grain brews. Wheat dried malt extract, when compared to liquid malt extract, have undergone an extra step of dehydration. That's why, commonly, wheat dried malt extract only contain around 2% of water content. This is also the reason why dried malt extract as a whole have longer shelf life compared to liquid malt extracts.

Since liquid malt extracts are gooey, wheat dried malt extracts are easier to weigh and measure. However, the latter can easily absorb water from the air which causes the dried powder to coagulate into gummy clumps. This absorption of water will affect your dried malt extract lifespan negatively. So do try to remove as much air from the packaging before storing excess wheat dried malt in a container and keeping it in a cool and dark place.

With a wheat DME, you can compensate for fermentables in a high gravity batch, hit an undershot gravity, and even make a starter wort.
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