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Raw Cocoa (Cacao) Nibs (4 oz)
Raw Cocoa (Cacao) Nibs (4 oz)

Raw Cocoa (Cacao) Nibs (4 oz)

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Cacao nibs are the crushed seeds from the Cacao plant. These seeds are the key ingredient in chocolate, while not technically being chocolate themselves. These nibs have wonderful coco aroma and provide a rich cocoa/chocolate flavour to your beer. For best results use in secondary for a week or two. The time will allow the beer to draw out all the subtle flavours and aromas of the cocoa nibs. The can also be used in the boil or mash, although adding the nibs at any time pre-boil will impart some bitterness, so less is needed than when adding to secondary. Raw cocoa nibs are great for use in Brown Ales and Porters, though could blend well with almost any beer, perhaps a Barleywine, Mild Ale or Doppelbock!

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