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Auto-Close Spring For Nukatap/Intertap Faucets
Auto-Close Spring For Nukatap/Intertap Faucets

Nukatap Auto-Close Spring

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The Nukatap Auto-Close Spring is made of stainless steel and is an ideal spring for turning your recessed shank and faucet set up into an auto-close one. The spring fits between the tap shank and the faucet within the set up, so when you release the handle the tap automatically closes. Allowing you to avoid wasting beer, and keeping your beer as bacteria free as possible.

This spring is intended to be used with the Nukatap and Intertap family of products (not compatible with Nukatap/Intertap Flow Control Faucets).

A RECESSED SHANK AND TAP IS REQUIRED. It will not work with a shank or tap if it is not a recessed one, so please ensure that you have a compatible shank and tap prior to ordering.

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