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Stainless Steel Cooler Eyebolt

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An eyebolt is a type of bolt that has a characteristic loop at one end. They are made by bending the end of a rod into a loop. Eyebolts for brewing kettles are usually made from stainless steel so that they can withstand heavy loads.

Eyebolts are used to attach an eye to the brew kettle so that other things can be tied to it. An accessory that might require the use of an eye bolt is the sight glass. It can also be used when installing a thermowell or securing a thermometer in place. It provides a stable platform in preventing the sight glass, for instance, from wobbling unnecessarily.

This stainless steel cooler eyebolt is made from high-grade stainless steel. It has a dimension of 1/4" thickness and a length of 3-inches. To install the eyebolt, drilling a 3/8" hole in the brew pot is necessary. Position the hole just above the radius area where the side can get a little bit flatter. When drilling the hole, constantly add water to the area to cool down the bit. If not, it may cause damage to both the brew pot and the bit, which may render the brew pot useless.

This stainless steel eyebolt comes with stainless steel hex nuts which are necessary when installing the eyebolts in place. The hex nuts are resistant to rust and corrosion even if they are constantly exposed to moisture and heat. To install the brew kettle accessories, attach a nut to the eyebolt to hold the accessories in place.

  • Made out of Stainless Steel
  • Comes with hex nuts included in the package
  • 3" Length
  • 1/4" Dimension
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