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Ss Brewtech Infussion Tri-Clover Mash Tun - 20 Gallon
Ss Brewtech Infussion Tri-Clover Mash Tun - 20 Gallon

Ss Brewtech Infussion Tri-Clover Mash Tun - 20 Gallon

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Mash Tuns are brewing vessels used by home brewers during the steeping process of the malt. This step is crucial as it allows the starches of the milled malted barley to seep into the liquor or liquid to create the wort. Enzymatic actions take place that will convert the starch into maltose.

The Ss Brewtech 20 Gallon InfuSsion Mash Tun is designed for infusion mashing. Infusion mashing is a process of achieving the mash temperature by slowly adding measured amounts of heated water to achieve the needed temperature for a period of time. This is the reason why a mash tun should have an insulated body to be able to maintain a hot temperature.

Mash Tuns from Ss Brewing Technologies is targeted at brewers doing infusion mashing in insulated plastic coolers and are looking for a better performing piece of equipment made of 304 Stainless Steel that is purposefully built for brewing. In side by side testing, the 20 gallon InfuSsion Mash Tun showed 5F less of temperature decay over a 60 minute mash as compared to a similarly sized plastic cooler. They also have a concave recess under the false bottom that has a center located drain that plumbs out to a 1/2" ball valve. By locating the drain port in the middle we are able to get better uniformity and efficiency through the grain bed versus traditional plastic cooler setups.

This new version of the InfuSsion Mash Tun has been updated to have 1.5" TC ports to allow for easy integration with other Ss Brewtech hardware. In addition the tri-clover hardware allows for a fully sanitary brewing environment that is also easy to clean. Instead of the traditional ball valve this Mash Tun comes equipped with Ss Brewtech's new Pure Flow Valve which is designed to be micro adjustable and be the ultimate brewing valve. The foundation of the valve is the removable silicone membrane that seamlessly integrates TC gaskets. This unique design provides a 100% sanitary environment where beer comes in contact with nothing except for the silicone inside of the valve.

PLEASE NOTE: These cannot be used in direct-fire applications. Do not use over a burner.
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