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RIMS Tube Tri Clover 1.5"
RIMS Tube Tri Clover 1.5"

Stainless Steel Tri-Clover RIMS Tube - 1.5" TC

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The OBK 1.5" Tri Clover compatible clamp-based RIMS Tube is designed to maintain a constant mash temperature. It can also be used for step mashing and also mash-out. Unlike any other RIMS tube on the market, it features all Tri Clover Compatible fittings for easy disassembly and cleaning. When disassembled, you can pass a brush clean through the entire tube body. The inlet and outlet feature 1.5" Tri Clover Compatible ferrules which will accept our barb or NPT Tri Clover Compatible fittings. The body diameter is 1.5" OD tubing with a 1.375" ID, providing for an improved flow rate across the element to reduce any possible wort scorching. A 16" overall length of the RIMS tube itself allows for almost any heater element to be installed and a unique 2-piece design allows the inlet and outlet to be rotated to any angle from each other that you want.