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The Ultimate Growler Complete Kit
The Ultimate Growler Complete Kit

The Ultimate Growler Complete Kit

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Looking for an easy and portable way to dispense fresh beer outside? Then this is the perfect kit for you! Included is everything you will need to start dispensing delicious fresh beer no matter where you are.

Includes the following:

The Ultimate Growler can hold up to 64oz (2 litres) of your favourite beer. The bottle is made out of food grade 304 stainless steel and features double wall vacuum insulation that keeps your beer cold and ready to drink for hours. The unique spring wired lid allows this growler to be pressurized up to 40 psi.

Growler Drafto Kit makes dispensing beer from your growler fast and easy. Thanks to the Drafto Kit you no longer need to worry about your growler going flat, enjoy fresh beer anywhere. To use with your Ultimate Growler simply remove the cap and replace it with the Drafto Kit and attach your CO2 charger.

Silver Regulated CO2 Charger is made from machined anodised aluminium making it durable and long lasting. A unique feature of this charger is the distinct lack of a trigger, instead it has a 60 PSI regulator allowing you to easily set the pressure.

16 Gram Threaded CO2 Cartridge These are twice as big as the 8 gram cartridges commonly found! Pure CO2.
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