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Weldless High Port Return 12 1/4"
Weldless High Port Return 12 1/4"

Weldless High Port Return (12 1/4")

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This product is perfect for those brewers who want faster cooling and a concentration of trub and hops in the bottom of the kettle. Simply install at an elevated position on your kettle wall, at a higher point than the usual wort level. From there it extends down prior to curving to the side allowing liquid to recirculate forcefully in a whirlpool like manner towards the side. It also enabling you to swivel it in any direction.

For optimal results please install in a position that allows at least 3" of clearance on the bottom of your kettle, in addition when installing please avoid installing it too close to the surface to avoid creating bubbles.

Some Assembly is Required

The Stainless Steel Camlock Type A in the image is NOT included, it is for display purposes only.