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White Labs Brewzyme-D - 10 ml [WLE4900]
White Labs Brewzyme-D - 10 ml [WLE4900]

White Labs WLE4900 Brewzyme-D (10 ml)

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Brewzyme-D eliminates the potential for diacetyl formation in your beer. When included in your yeast pitch, it triggers the decarboxylation process of alpha acetolactate into acetoin. This breakdown of the diacetyl precursor during fermentation averts diacetyl formation, thereby cutting down maturation time (up to two weeks in lagers) and enhancing the beer's overall quality.

Usage Directions:
  • In the brewhouse, the recommended application dosage of Brewzyme-D is 10 ml per 5 gallon (20 L)
  • It can be added during yeast pitch as well as with dry hopping

  • Effectively reduces Diacetyl production
  • Significantly reduces maturation times
  • More efficient vessel utilization
  • Increases production capacity
  • Reduces energy usage
  • Improves beer quality
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