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Hex Nut 1" Beer Thread 29/32-14
Hex Nut 1" Beer Thread 29/32-14

Taprite Hex Beer Nut - 5/8" BSP [80228]

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This beautiful and durable chrome plated brass hex beer nut from Taprite allows you to attach a tailpiece to a shank or other similarly threaded part.

When used with a neoprene washer, it creates a tight seal around the tailpiece, so that when you attach your tubing(with a hose clamp) you will have a leak free system.

Thread Type*: British Standard Pipe (BSP)

*BSP and NPT/NPS threads are NOT compatible with each other. When purchasing threaded hardware, it's crucial to verify that you are selecting the appropriate threaded fittings to meet your requirements. Unsure about thread type? Please consult the BSP thread chart HERE.

  • Made out of Chrome Plated Brass
  • 7/8"-14 (5/8" BSP) Connection
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